After two months (or really what has seemed an entire year), we're all still in quarantine from COVID-19 having spread across the globe. We're in an unprecedented time, one where 7 billion humans across the planet are being affected by the same thing. Each person's experience with the pandemic, and in many millions of cases, the virus itself, will be unique. My heart goes out to everyone in this difficult time.

I have moments of being an extrovert, but I'm generally content when left to my own devices as long as I have access to, minimally, some type of learning (book, online classes, youtube tutorials). I didn't expect to have much of an issue in quarantine, so I was surprised when I found myself going through an adjustment period. I expect that struggles with this quarantine will ebb and flow, especially if it lasts for 6... 12... 18... months (likely some sort of social distancing until we have a vaccine).

Of course, if you're like me, find one (or more) projects to do or new skills to learn while we're all stuck at home. But don't feel bad if you're not being productive. Even if you're not directly dealing with COVID-19, the stress from this drastic life change can be devastating. Never be afraid to ask for help.

Resources for navigating the pandemic:

Stay safe and healthy everyone!


Morbidly Beautiful Review

Slightly behind in reporting back on this one due to the worldwide pandemic, but that shouldn't diminish Christi Bandy's well-written and generous words about Fox Hunt Drive!

It's fascinating to me what sticks out to a particular reviewer. Christi seems to be taken with the way we crafted the suspense in the film, remarking her feelings on the tension building at the “right speed” throughout. An incisive observation, the pacing in the film was something we focused on — if the majority of a story takes place inside a car, it's imperative to find ways to keep the audience interested. The deliberate build was a delicate balance.

“Though there have been versions of this type of story told before, FOX HUNT DRIVE is relevant, modern, and fresh. And the ending solidified a taut tale that was enjoyable from beginning to end. The characters are real, believable, and relatable. And the fear and anxiety feel extremely raw from the start.”

Christi has even more to say here...  External Link


Chris Gelderd Reviews Fox Hunt Drive

Finding a pull quote from a review is usually an easy process. Somewhere near the end of the article, the critic will conclude with a summary of their thoughts. When positive, it's low hanging fruit. Not this time.

Chris Gelderd places gems throughout his review. Whether it be comparing Michael Olavson's characterization of The Passenger to Travis Bickle and Norman Bates, or commenting on our attention to detail in the actor's hair, makeup and wardrobe (a subtlety Costumer Constance Lee, Hair/Makeup Lead Whitney Costner, and I deliberated over), Gelderd took his time on Fox Hunt Drive.

“Walkup directs a very slick and well-produced independent thriller on a respectably low budget, but with no sign of cutting corners or cheap effects... It’s raw and basic and real. With this safe genre and good direction, Fox Hunt Drive gives a good few twists that push the film forward in its short runtime in the hands of two talented and skilled leads like Zerebko and Olavson.”

Worth the read! Check it out here...  External Link



As a film squarely in the Thriller genre, it continues to surprise me when Horror-focused outlets pick up Fox Hunt Drive. I love it. And I especially love it when we get a good review!

“Each shot feels unique and as expressive as if it is an actor in the production... that all work to elevate an already thrilling experience. Simply between the cinematography and wonderful acting this movie steps above many others but combined with a clever story and good writing goes far beyond expectations.”

Max Matta seemed to particularly enjoy the Cinematography, Acting and Writing in Fox Hunt Drive. I'm inclined to agree with him. It's always been easier for me to celebrate the work of my collaborators over my own, and to that end, Director of Photography Anthony C. Kunhz went above and beyond to make this film look like a million bucks.

Check out the full review here...  External Link


Just In From Cinequest

Carson Cook of Rough Cut Cinema paints a picture of a film that wound up winning him over:

“...the film’s visual stylings are impressive... Walkup has a keen eye, orchestrating several menacing setpieces with an abundance of flair — helped in no small part by Anthony C. Kuhnz’ admirable nighttime photography... tight plotting and smart direction make this creative team one to watch moving forward.”

Although Cook mentions he didn't care for our Hitchcock Push-Pull [WHAT?!?], the fact that he ends his review noting that my Fox Hunt Drive colleagues and I are a “creative team to watch” will definitely make our day every time we read the line.

Read the review here...  External Link


Front Page News

Film Threat's review of Fox Hunt Drive was their front-page cover article all day long on March 5th — thankfully, that wasn't the only good news yesterday:

“Deliciously twisted and well-acted, Drew Walkup’s Fox Hunt Drive is an impressive directorial effort. Adam Armstrong and Marcus DeVivo’s scheming script is full of staggering delights. For the majority of the picture, there’s a lingering sense of doom... this is a vastly effective thriller that exercises the element of surprise.”

Moreover, critic Andrew Stover had some complementary asides about both the cast and Anthony C. Kuhnz's Cinematography. Stover writes an incisive review, seeming to have thoroughly enjoyed the film as well as catching a few of the obstacles we [may or may not have] faced making the [absolutely flawless] film.

Read the 2-part review here...  External Link


Cinequest 2020

The entire team behind Fox Hunt Drive is pleased to have our World Premiere at Cinequest 2020!

Today is the first day of the film festival and I'm about to meet up with Fox Hunt Drive stars Lizzie Zerebko and Michael Olavson who will be joining me for the duration. Later this week we'll have even more cast and crew with us including Writers Adam Armstrong & Marcus DeVivo, Director of Photography Anthony C. Kuhnz, DIT/Assistant Editor Katelyn Wright, and Actor Sam Lukowski.

We've sent the picture out to some great outlets and are anxiously waiting for reviews. In the meantime, Randy Myers had quite a few nice things to say about the film in the San Jose Mercury News curtain raiser:

“Former Bay Area resident Drew Walkup expertly delivers the cinematic equivalent of an airport read — an engaging thriller with unexpected twists and turns. A luckless Lyft-like driver Alison (Lizzie Zerebko) picks up a shady but attractive guy (Michael Olavson) in possession of a mysterious bag. The trick-stuffed screenplay from Adam Armstrong and Marcus DeVivo is rock solid.”

Obviously, we're hoping all the critics and reviewers feel similarly ;-). Fingers crossed!


If you're in the area, we'd love to have you come check out Fox Hunt Drive in theaters with us. The film has three screenings in Redwood City, CA and one screening in the gorgeous California Theatre in San Jose, CA. The California Theatre has over 1100 seats, so please, come fill them up!

  • March 6th, 2020 at Century 20 Redwood City at 7:00PM
  • March 9th, 2020 at California Theatre San Jose at 9:30PM*
  • March 10th, 2020 at Century 20 Redwood City at 7:00PM*
  • March 12th, 2020 at Century 20 Redwood City at 1:30PM*

For more information, tickets, and to see the trailer, go to

*Sunday, March 8th edit: Cinequest 2020 has postponed its second week of the festival due to the novel CoronaVirus outbreak. We'll be back in August to complete the festival, more information to come. Stay safe everyone!


Good Times Santa Cruz Interview

Recently, Fox Hunt Drive Co-Writer and long-time collaborator Adam Armstrong and I had the opportunity to speak with Steve Palopoli, Editor at Good Times Santa Cruz. Aside from being a kind person and great interviewer, Steve was very complementary about Fox Hunt Drive.

“...Fox Hunt Drive is an extremely taut thriller, with surprisingly potent twists and turns... Stylishly-directed and well-acted by two leads who take their characters well past the limits of traditional genre roles, Fox Hunt Drive sets up expectations and then subverts them.”

Naturally, we had a fantastic conversation which Steve molded into an article about Adam and I growing up in the Bay Area. I don't think I would have been able to better summarize my own childhood...

Read the interview here...  External Link


Fox Hunt Drive: Best Of Cinequest

The Movie Gourmet titled its curtain raiser “The Best of Cinequest 2020” and included Fox Hunt Drive on its list. Proud to be featured among such great films!

See their list here...  External Link


Mercury News: 15 Films Not To Miss...

The San Jose Mercury News posted their curtain raiser today and included Fox Hunt Drive among the top 15 films to see at Cinequest 2020. Randy Myers, the Mercury correspondent, had some incredible things to say about the project too!

“Former Bay Area resident Drew Walkup expertly delivers the cinematic equivalent of an airport read — an engaging thriller with unexpected twists and turns. A luckless Lyft-like driver Alison (Lizzie Zerebko) picks up a shady but attractive guy (Michael Olavson) in possession of a mysterious bag. The trick-stuffed screenplay from Adam Armstrong and Marcus DeVivo is rock solid.”

Side note, of the 15 recommended films, the Mercury posted 4 trailers, including ours. I am honored!

See the full article here...  External Link